Fitter and Fitter

Implementing Transactional Competence means training and developing ourselves, teams, and companies to be fitter and fitter to engage in successful and efficient exchanges. This framework easily reframes our interpersonal, social, and economic pursuits toward productive cooperation.
— CEO John Patterson



Individuals who take part in this approach experience personal growth, improved financial stability, and increased satisfaction.



Team that adopt this approach discover a renewed sense of purpose and enthusiasm as they recognize the value of their roles in more significant transactions.



Enterprises that embrace Transactional Competence see accelerated progress, overcome dysfunction, and are quicker to bring their products to market.

Ambition. Cooperation. Alignment.

Transactional Competence promotes ambition, cooperation, and alignment across large numbers of individuals or teams. It was developed by and for practitioners and is grounded in the philosophy of Transactionalism. In this philosophy, human interactions are best understood as a whole system of valued transactions.